Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bangkok, Cambodia and some tasty eggs!

Right then! Sorry it has taken a while, the screen was all in Thai, then I forgot my password and now have resorted to Sean's phone so excuse any spelling mistakes! First flight was fine and seemed shorter than 8 hours. I had a little screen all to myself and a little remote in case I couldn't be bothered to reach out and touch the screen, which I actually couldn't so it was all ok! Stopover in Mumbai was definitely an 'experience' we had over an hour to transfer but there were about three flights trying to get through, only one body scanner for however many hundred women plus a mad old Indian lady who tried to run through security by throwing her handbag at the x ray machine. Ended up running for the plane but half the flight was in the same position so didn't get too worried. After 23 hours without sleep we made it to our destination! Bangkok was definitely an experience, we stayed in Khao San road area for a few days until we got used to the time difference and heat. The smells there were difficult to describe, and not all in a good way! I got a rotten cold and felt ill a lot of the time which was a bit annoying. Best meal was Thai green curry but unfortunately the place was crawling in cockroaches so I was a tiny bit suspicious about what could be lurking at the bottom of the bowl! Got a train for 6 hours to the border where a tuk tuk man dropped us at a dodgy fake Cambodia visa place but Sean had done his homework so we knew what to do. At the border there is a town called Poipet, bit of a dive. Floor was just sludge and casinos everywhere. Surprisingly difficult to actually find where to cross! Another 3 hour bus ride (made longer by the driver stopping for a 3 course meal) and we were at siem reap bus station. Except we weren't. Bus just took us to a parking space full of his tuk tuk driver mates who will only take you to their hostels! Next day we went to Angkor Wat. Hired bicycles for the day and got ourselves there (if you all could see the way people drive round here you would be proud I even got on the bike!) Was a brilliant day, temples are AMAZING, and massive too. Monkeys just chilling by the side of.the road, Sean got pretty close and took some pics, I told him he was going to get rabies but he seems ok so far. Cycled over 20 miles and saw a few elephants on the way back! Hurts to sit down a bit now mind you, might ask for a comfier chair next time? Yesterday got the bus from siem reap to phnom penh. Not a bad journey, took 6 hours with two quick stops, at one we bought 4 freshly boiled eggs for about 50p and anyone who knows me and my love for eggs will understand how happy that made me. Ipod died halfway through my ultimate Disney album though, so got involved in the cambodian karaoke dvd that was playing instead. Not sure if Sean was a fan! Going to tol sleung museum today and possibly changing hostels as I saw a cool one with a fish tank yesterday! Hopefully next blog will be sooner (and yes, shorter!) Miss you all lots, miss my bed and miss fish and chips! Lots of love, Morgan (and Sean) Xxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Not too long at all. Full of juicy sights, sounds and smells, I could imagine it. Little bit green here about some of your wonderful experiences. Keep em coming. Keep having fun xxx