Thursday, 31 May 2012

life on the other side

Well, this one is definitely even later than the last one! It just seems silly to write a blog once a week when we are staying put and going to work and coming home again, it would be so boring for you all to read! An annoying thing happened, something brilliant, wonderful, exciting and amazing happened the DAY AFTER I wrote my last blog – so I have been saving it for this one, although anyone who has me on facebook, twitter, or in my phonebook will already know about it… We had decided to go and visit a place called Cape Palliser, which is a very remote spot that you have to drive over mountains and all sorts to get to, but it is well known for being an absolutely beautiful place and further research showed that there was a huge seal colony living there, and a Lord of the Rings location called the Pinnacles just happened to be en route. The day arrived, or at least we think it did – it was hard to tell through the hammering rain and we debated whether or not to bother, but decided that as we are English, we would not let the weather stop us so off we set! After a small stop involving a daredevil hare playing chicken with the car, and a toilet break involving a field of shocked cows, we made it to the Pinnacles. It was still chucking it down, but never mind, off we went and missed the path completely and walked up the river (yes, the wet stuff). Walked past two fellow hikers and looked up to smile at them, and I froze and my jaw absolutely dropped, walking past us was Andy flipping Serkis!!!! (For those not as much of a nerd as I am, that’s Gollum, and the second director of The Hobbit!!) Sean started chatting to him straight away while I stood and stared and hyperventilated – it was not cool on my part, and I couldn’t care less, it’s taken me ten years but I finally met someone from the films!!! The rest of the day was brilliant as well, big fat seals and stunning views as far as we could see. Hmm, what other exciting things have been happening… the weather here is turning horrible day by day as winter sets in, which seems very unfair as I keep seeing people’s pics of them at the beach etc. it’s hard to believe its June tomorrow when I can see snow topped mountains out of my office window. Although I can’t be too jealous, because let’s face it, I bet none of you can see mountains, snow topped or otherwise! This weekend just gone I surprised Sean and took him to see a game of rugby. All Blacks aren’t playing here until August so we’ll miss them, but it was a pretty good game with some of their players in it anyway! The score was ridiculous, 66-24 to the home side, plus one person broke their sternum and another got stretchered off unconscious – I will never understand what possesses people to play rugby but it is definitely fun to watch! Other than that, the only news is that we have finally got the remainder of our flights sorted so now know all our dates and when we will be back in England (October 14th, put it in your diaries). It’s weird to think of the end of the trip, but knowing when the end is means that we both appreciate the time we have left and have been plotting and planning how best to use it – we are both getting pretty excited about the South Island now, and also about America! We have decided to go whale watching when we get to the South Island, which I absolutely cannot wait for! Apparently you get to see ‘real whales’ (sperm whales) and not just orca, which you can see any day in the harbour outside my office (note to self, no swimming anywhere in New Zealand… EVER!). That’s about all the news I have at the moment… but all your news is welcome as are your emails so keep in touch please!! Lots of love and woolly hats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Ducks, but no elves...

Hi strangers! Just about to go to bed but thought I could probably squeeze in a little blog as need to put in some updates on our kiwi life! So I had finally left the horrible bar, as it has officially become known in our house. Horrible because of everything previously reported, but even more horrible because they tried to get away without paying me for the two weeks work I did! I finally got the money on Wednesday this week, only a month late. After quitting there, I decided to only look for day jobs... and spend a lot more time in the library as I no longer need to be nocturnal (anyone who knows how much sleep I need should know that was never going to happen). I bought some wool and needles and have got about a quarter of a scarf, and have also been doing lots of drawing, painting and oil pastelling with the help of a talented long distance tutor in the form of my big sis. The internet is an amazing thing. At the weekend we went to Rivendell and had a picnic. The signposts say kaitoke national park, but I know it really is rivendell. Had a close encounter with a horde of ducks, but the elves must have been hiding as we only saw an old man with a fetching hat lurking in the area. I had my first drive in Ron, our Mitsubishi, on the way home, and decided that driving an automatic is like driving a go kart. I think me and Ron will get on fine, but Cyril will always be my first and only love when it comes to cars. In other news, I started a new job two days ago! I'm working for the inland revenue for a month and already love it. The people are so friendly and helpful, and the girl I sit next to has a passion for backstreet boys and britney spears. Think we are soulmates. The most exciting thing is the offices. They take up 13 floors and every floor has two kitchens, complete with panini grills etc and its all brand new and gorgeous and over looks the whole of Wellington harbour. One floor is dedicated to a cafe, library and massive seating area just to sit and have lunch in, and on every floor there are numerous comfy lounge bits in case you want a change of scenery from your desk. As if I wasn't loving it enough, today I got shown where the stationary section is (two on each floor and a massive one downstairs in case you're interested). I may have mellowed on this trip but I will always love stationary! So far have managed not to do anything too embarrassing, although when my boss mentioned that I'd worked in boots (he used to live in London and has fond memories) I did tell him it was the thing I missed most after family, but I think he understood as New Zealand just does not have an equivalent! Oh and Sean recently found out they don't have central heating over here either! Wierd country. I think that's all I have to say, not been so much a news blog as a rambling train of thought mostly about a random building most of you will probably never see, have tried to take pics of the kitchens but don't want to look like a wierdo taking pictures by myself of other people having lunch! Any way, hope everyone at home is ok and got all the stationary they need, I know I have! With love and highlighters xxxxxxxxxxx