Saturday, 4 February 2012

on to vietnam!

Taking the opportunity to blog again as Sean has discovered arsenal v blackburn on the tv in our room, another 45 minutes to myself at least! We are now in Vietnam! Journey over the border was a lot smoother this time, but more on that later! The last few days in pnohm penh were really enjoyable actually, we switched guest house and went to one recommended in lonely planet. Easy to see why, hot water! Clean sheets! NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ON THE TV! we were happy bunnies about that. Went to tol sleung that day, which was a school, then a prison during Khmer rouge, and now a museum. There were photos of all the victims, including some after they had died, as well as the tiny brick cells they slept in still leaning precariously. Felt very claustrophobic and the sight of blood stains on the floor all got a bit too much for me so waited for Sean in a different section. Next day we got a tuk tuk to the killing fields. First tuk tuk that took us exactly where we asked and for the price we expected! Hallelujah! He said his name was Peter but we had our suspicions about that... killing fields were weird, really small, and in a beautiful orchard. Found it hard to imagine what happened there, until you saw the monument made out of 8000 skulls, and a sign that says they have only uncovered half the site. Really scary, and the people that did are mostly still alive today. After that was fairly uneventful, were treated to a few power cuts, one of which happened at the very moment I had stepped into the shower late at night. There I was, poking at the various buttons trying to turn it on whoosh, everything went black. Was convinced I had tripped some unknown fuse and caused the shutdown of the capital. On top of that, I was naked, towel in the next room and couldn't find the door. Not a good moment for me. Apparently though, these powercuts are common and not caused by stupid tourists that can't use showers. Next day and it was time to say goodbye to Cambodia and hello to Vietnam. Bus left at 8am and took us straight to the border and through nice and quick, memorable sights on this journey have to include a scooter with two HUGE dead pigs slung across the back. Lush. Just had a nice big dinner and some beer- only 75p for a massive bottle of tiger! The part of me that doesn't really drink had a battle with the bargain hunter, and the bargain hunter won! I'm becoming a real party animal, two beers in a week! Love you all, off to sleep in our very first air conditioned room! Xxxxxxxxx

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  1. ...and all the lights went out. You got the power! You are an outrage girl, or should that read 'outage'? I am lovin these blogs, can't wait for the full book. This is definitely the way for you to make a living my love. You are so funny and downright entertaining.You make the world smile :) Glad it's going well. Love to you both, and of course big hugs and cheesy grins xxxx