Wednesday, 29 February 2012

a little bit of island hopping and a lot of mosquitoes.

Seem to have developed a habit of losing track of time but didn't have too much to report on until yesterday! We got back to Bangkok on Monday night - amazing how different a place can seem when you know where you're going! Now I've got used to life out here Bangkok didn't smell half as bad as some of the other treats we've had! Flight was good, really short which I was gutted about when I realised they had Disney films on the little screens! Anyway, had a nice day wandering around the city, and then decided to get a Thai massage (i was suspicous of this but we went in together...) Weirdest half hour ever, they poke at you with their elbows and knees and their full body weight, and she was definitely bigger than me. Managed not to giggle until she had a knee on each bum cheek, hands on my shoulder blades and started crawling up me, but then the randomness struck me and so did the giggles! Due to dancing I was a bit bendier than she expected so she was at a loss when she tried to crack my back, I flopped all the way over and she ended up sitting on me! That night was our first experience with a sleeper train. All looked very sticky and grotty when we got on, but then a tubby guard came along and transformed the 2 armchairs on the floor into bunkbeds complete with pillows covers etc. I decided the guard was a genius and had pretty much a full nights sleep. Sean was less lucky as a beetle attempted to make a little home up his nose at about 3am, so the sleeping stopped there for him. We then got a bus, then a ferry, then a pick up truck to the side of the island called chaweng beach. It seemed as though we were going for every mode of transport possible! Found a 'beach bungalow' to stay in, which I ended up renaming mosquito hovel! Squashed one of the little buggers as it helped itself to my leg and blood went everywhere! May just let them get on with it next time... although I have a running total of 20 bites on my legs alone, which is a new record even for me! We have spent most of our time on the island on the beach and reading or swimming. When the mosquitos got a bit much we swapped to a different guesthouse which was actually cheaper but has a pool. It is right behind the moulin rouge cabaret club, and a nice lady boy on the door has taken a real shine to Sean. We have named him Pete, and he makes sure he squeezes Sean's arms at every available opportunity. Not sure if it will work out though as we also saw him showing a middle aged man what was up his mini dress. Fickle. We decided to make the most of the island and do one of the day trips to see the main sights and a safari park. We were taken to the big Buddha, a massive gold statue and kicked out of the pick up truck, leaving us a bit baffled but we went for a look around anyway. Then a fat man with dreadlocks that looked like Mr T walked up to us, announced that he was our guide and walked off again. Same thing happened at the next spot, a lovely bay which is famous for having a huge rock shaped like something rude... I believe there is a legend surrounding this rock but can't verify as Mr T spent the visit taking pictures that involved other people on the tour and the rude rock. We also went to a place called the secret garden, full of streams and statues. Mr T sat in the cafe. The garden was up a mountain, and on the way up we discovered that the driver was not a massive fan of the gear change. Even more worried when they stopped the van to say someone had to sit on the roof. Russian couple volunteered and the rest of the journey was accompanied by yelps as we drove through overhanging trees and electric cables. For some reason we decided to take a turn in the death seat for the descent. Even more scary when you can see the cliffs on either side and other vans hurtling towards you (like hard knot pass Alic and Ant!). Also saw a mummified monk wearing sunglasses, bringing our total dead body count up to 2. In the afternoon we went for a dunk in a waterfall and then the bit I was most excited about... elephant trekking! Our elephant was a rebel and definitely took a different route to the others! Was just about getting used to it when the driver asked if I wanted to drive! Climbed down onto her head with my knees behind her ears - being slapped on the legs by an elephant ear is odd! Also they are quite hairy close up, who knew! Got lots of pics which will hopefully put on Facebook if I ever get near a pc. Was one of the most surreal experiences ever but amazing. In the afternoon we watched animal shows - I have now seen a parrot and an otter compete in a race to recycle drinks cans?! There were some animals there in cages that were far too small though, and you could get your picture taken with a tiger which was so drugged up it couldn't even lift its own head. Felt really sad after that, and sorry for the animals. That was pretty much the end of our koh samui adventures. Spent another day lazing around and set off for koh phangan yesterday morning. I was very sick on the boat, but have discovered I have pretty good aim when it comes to throwing up. Eventually got to the island and got a pick up to hat yao, the other side from the loud party bit. After koh samui I think we both just want a full nights sleep! Took a while to find somewhere to stay, and after looking at a place with holes in the concrete floor, ants in the bed and a black toilet which used to be white, we made the executive decision to splash out. We are now in a lovely little cluster of bungalows, got hot water for the first time since Vietnam, a pool, a lovely lounge/bar/restaurant and I am sitting in our hammock on our porch writing this, and its only £12 per night still! I think we deserve a treat, last place there wasn't even a light or a window in the bathroom! Anyway, that's pretty much it from me. Think Sean has finally woken up so looks like it is time to top up the tan! Lots of love to everyone! Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. You always were a tasty morsel! Looking forward to seeing the next installment of pics. Can't believe you drove an elephant - how did it even know you were up there, you are so tiny?
    You posted on 29th Feb, but you didn't mention whether there were any proposals....!
    Love you and missing you loads, A xxx