Monday, 19 March 2012

the return of the toilet traumas...

Well the run of luck in going to the toilet without any dramas has ended, so I have lots of toilet related news in this edition. I wouldn't put these stories in, but every body seems to find my woes amusing! Let's start at the beginning though... after I wrote my last blog we got our first McDonald's. I only put this in because I feel it is important to tell everyone that in Malaysia you can get TRIPLE cheeseburgers. England needs to get involved! Anyway, we left KL on Monday morning bright and early. Bus was the nicest yet, but unfortunately there was a man on there determined to cough up every possible bit of phlegm on the way so headphones went in quite quickly. Tea was served, a nice touch but a bit of a health hazard on a coach bombing it down the motorway! Singapore is expensive. We had to resort to dorms for the first time on our trip, scary times! As it was our last stop in Asia we counted up all our pennies and realised that we had come in well under budget, so treated ourselves to a few nice days out! Singapore is literally mall after mall, if I was there on holiday I think Sean may have gone a little crazy, but as it was I didn't have any money to be spending (not that I let that completely stop me mind you...) On Tuesday we went to universal studios. I was pretty excited, squeaked a few times and only pushed a couple of small children out the way to get to the front of the queue. I've never been to such a magical place! There was a far far away land where shrek (my new bff) lived. Got about a zillion pictures and Sean went on all the rollercoasters, but wouldn't come on the Madagascar themed merry go round with me! The rollercoasters were brilliant and we never had to queue more than 5 minutes! My favourite was shrek 4d, a film in 3d but then it bumps your chair along, blows air on the back of your neck when the ghost appears and squirts you with water when donkey sneezed... gross but brilliant! It was around this time when the toilet visits started to go a bit wrong... maybe I deserved it because I insisted on visiting the bathroom in every different themed area, I don't know. The first incident occurred when I apparently failed to lock the door (not my fault, the lock was covered in hieroglyphics, ancient Egypt theme). As someone tried to get into my cubicle, I jumped up to stop the door, and off went the automatic flush. I wouldn't mind so much but in the fairytale teamed toilets the automatic flush didn't even work, lulling me into a false sense of security, so that as I sat in the Madagascar themed toilets I had a nasty shock when the toilet flushed as I sat perfectly still. What is wrong with a button, that's what I'd like to know?! Anyway, we spent the next day exploring the parts of Singapore that aren't malls (not a lot) and sampling the cuisine of little India. The day after that we went to the zoo and night safari, where the toilet related dramas took a turn for the worse. There we were admiring the free roaming oragutans from below, and just as I said 'oh no, its starting to rain' Sean said 'look out that big ones doing a wee'. Yep, I got weed on. On my face. Lovely. Other than that, the zoo was lovely! The animals seem to have a lot more space and looked happy and content. I even saw manatees which are my very fave, and we watched them get fed and the little baby swimming around - another billion pics to upload. We also went on the night safari which was pretty cool! Our flight to Melbourne was the day after, so we had a little visit to Chinatown, as we needed to sample the cuisine! Then off we went to the airport, where we also sampled some more food, just to be sure we had tried everything. Lucky we did as our flight kept getting pushed back half an hour at a time so we left at 2am instead of 1030pm. Lucky they had a Disney classics section on the little screens or I would not have been happy! Got to Melbourne in the afternoon and met Sean's friend Tynan, who we are going to stay with. Went out for a pizza that evening which was pretty life changing if I'm honest... imagine the nicest Caesar salad you've ever had, but on top of a pizza. I still dribble a little when I think of it... Melbourne is really nice, it reminds me of the nice bits of London but much less crowded. We accidentally became members of a casino yesterday, but in return we got a shiny gold card with our names on and 5 dollars (the boys gambled theirs but I saved mine, obviously), yet another new experience! We also went and had a little picnic at the beach yesterday as it was a beautiful day. Then we came home and had our first bbq - complete with kangaroo! Sean bet I wouldn't finish my steak, so I ate it all AND the biggest sausage left, just to prove a point! Felt a bit bad about eating a kangaroo before I had seen one, but not bad enough to hold back. This morning our phones arrived so have spent the morning being lazy and playing on draw something, think we are going to go and see the creek later, am hoping to find some snakes! That's all for the moment, hope everyone is alright and coping without us. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

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